Swords into plowshares

Silicon Valley sits on more than $100Bn in cash reserves hoarding it for a rainy day.  Well, the Newtown shooting makes it evident that today is that day, both rainy and dark.   When you lift your eyes from your monitors, you will see that the world is changing for the worse, and as an industry that has been able to become leaders in this emerging world, you are more responsible to prevent it from self-destructing on your watch.

For what is worth, here is a stupidly simple plan to start with:

  1. Buy the major gun companies (hostile takeovers still work).  You can start with Smith & Wesson valued at the bargain price of ~$605M
  2. Once you control the company, stop selling guns to general population (make only military equipment).
  3. Stop making parts for existing guns
  4. Start a buy-back program, no questions asked. Get the guns off the streets.
  5. Send the buy-backs to the smelters.  Use them to make equipment for organic farming or something that regenerates life.

Whatever it is, I hope the Silicon Valley companies do something useful with all that cash, not just use it for their own growth. Remembering the words of Bob Marley, “The people who are trying to make this world worse are not taking the day off”.  So why should we?


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Nicolo Machiavelli - The Prince



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