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Why was the Great Pyramid of Gizeh built?

For over 4000 years, the Great Pyramid has been one of Earth’s most charismatic and puzzling constructions. Last century’s exponential increase of knowledge only managed to add scientific layers of mystery to the old questions of who, how and why was the pyramid built. The knowledge exhibited by the builders has many present day scholars […]

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It is better for traditional media to remain silent and be thought as fools than to open their mouth and remove all doubt.

When did the traditional media turn into a junk content pusher? It used to be a moral compass, it used to empower its journalists. It used to be the outstanding citizen looking over the street and urge action when something detrimental to the community was going on. Nowadays, traditional media are nothing more drug pushers, […]

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2012 elections – technology failure, yet touchable progress

A while ago I posted a dream about how technology could help us grow to Democracy 2.0 in our 2012 elections (Will 2012 be the year we YouTube our way to Democracy 2.0?). It was utopic, of course, but one needs to put best wishes forward if one desires true progress.  We have to keep […]

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Wikipedia – Best “Thank You” email

This is by far the best “thank you” email from an institution I truly admire: Wikipedia.  I view them as The Library of Alexandria’s modern iteration.  May it last this time. Read it, appreciate it and get your own email by submitting the form on this page: —————————————— Dear *****, Thank you for donating to […]

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A non-political approach: how Web & AR technologies can assist health care now

This post is completely non-political. It’s not a top-down solution but rather an understanding that can be implemented no matter what the political orientation is. All it takes is a commitment to save lives by providing the medical professionals with real help in the form of accurate, real-time information. Since this is dealing with the […]

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Global economy fix: convince 1210 people to live on $12.10 Million per Year

It’s the 1210 billionaires of the world (here a nice list of the countries they come from – I don’t think the billionaires are the source of all problems in economy. I think the issue is with all those people at all levels who desperately want to be billionaires – they move heaven and […]

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The Microsoft lesson: Google should thank Facebook and Amazon from the bottom of their hearts

Last week, Microsoft posted its first quarterly loss as a public company ($492 million, or 6 cents per share), something that even a few years ago would have seemed impossible. For those who were paying attention at the time, however, the writing has been on the wall for too long and Microsoft ignored it arrogantly […]

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Google I/O 2012 Live Video Feed

Google I/O 2012 is finally here hopefully giving answers to many of the questions that had tech bloggers go nuts for months.  What will be the biggest announcements remains to be seen: will it be the Nexus 7 Tablet, Jelly Bean news, Chrome OS & ChromeBook developments, GoogleTV evolution, AppEngine updates…  Whatever it is, here […]

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How to get a job with Google or Facebook

Really?  You think you can find that on some dude’s blog? If the idea of “how to” outsmart Google or Facebook makes you chuckle, then you’re in the right place.  If you actually want to work for them and are looking around for shortcuts… well, there aren’t any… but you can get really, really, really […]

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Silicon Valley, please don’t let your money make you grow old, or better said, please don’t turn into “old money”

Dear Silicon Valley __________ <fill-in-the-blank>, It is only my hope that this letter finds you healthy and happy. As I follow the news, I am increasingly concerned that you start to mix with the wrong crowd these days. What is this thing I hear about dragging each other in silly lawsuits all over the world […]

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