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[Tablet] size matters. I’m already sedentary enough, without a 10-inch tablet

Eventually I caved in and got a10-inch  tablet.  Then I used it, liked it for a while.  But it was what I wanted not what I needed, so I just had to return it.  I decided that size does matter, and for my personal use the 7-inch will be much better. Here is how it […]

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How SEO can be the same as lying, and how it may not

The bottom line is this: if you want to build a love brand, focus on your product and let its online image grow naturally, organically as a leaf node in due season. When you eventually have it ranked by the search engines, you will gain a very strong position, unlikely to be usurped overnight by wannabes and copycats. More importantly, you will have an offer that will go beyond the search engine, a product with intrinsic value for your customer. Only then it makes sense to spend a lot of effort (and money) to fine tune your online advertising, so when the masses come to your website, they will find a ripe, tasty product.

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What the Google Nexus line needs is decent merchandising

That’s right. Not more features, not more marketing, not better hardware. Those are extremely impressive already. What it needs is decent merchandising. Think of an agent who claims he discovered the future greatest bestest super-model, the next Heidi Klum and so on. He shows impressive photos, talks about the physical qualities, about all the languages […]

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A cell phone plan to end all plans [for trend leaders, manufacturers and even carriers]

Here is one of my pet peeves: the concept of the 2-year cell phone plan, so ubiquitous and unescapable that it makes me wonder whether there’s a carrier cartel that I should know about. Two years is even longer than an elephant’s gestation period, while the mobile industry’s reproduction cycle is more like a rabbit’s. […]

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Nexus S: Android Confessions [Video]

Whatever some say about the latest and greatest, my Nexus S will not ever feel sorry for himself. Watch the video, or read his confessions below. [Extract from the original Nexus S: Android Confessions – translated multiple times through Google Translate in various languages and back into English until all is left is the no-meaning […]

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To the masses, Silicon Valley companies are like rock stars

Okay, some are more like pop-stars… and maybe some are just reality TV hang-arounds, but there are some interesting similarities here. Stars are excellent examples of how the monetization of a love brand can be perfected. Their offering exceeds mere entertainment. They manage their image extremely carefully, from official fonts to meat dresses, each piece […]

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Android, a love brand

Matias Duarte said in his presentation of IceCream sandwich the following: “While people liked and needed Android, they didn’t love it. Not the way they love their iPhones.” One has to love such honesty! Indeed, each love brand is unique and building it requires a deep understanding of the market’s desires, an anticipation of its […]

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Do Androids dream of electronic icecream sandwiches?

OK, it’s not that original of a title, but who can resist being inspired by Philip K. Dick’s sensational “Do androids dream of electric sheep”? (Google Books sample). Especially when the flagship Android phones insist on being called Nexus. The questions remain:  will Android be a system that longs for constant improvements, for a lifespan […]

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