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Global economy fix: convince 1210 people to live on $12.10 Million per Year

It’s the 1210 billionaires of the world (here a nice list of the countries they come from – I don’t think the billionaires are the source of all problems in economy. I think the issue is with all those people at all levels who desperately want to be billionaires – they move heaven and […]

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Google I/O 2012 Live Video Feed

Google I/O 2012 is finally here hopefully giving answers to many of the questions that had tech bloggers go nuts for months.  What will be the biggest announcements remains to be seen: will it be the Nexus 7 Tablet, Jelly Bean news, Chrome OS & ChromeBook developments, GoogleTV evolution, AppEngine updates…  Whatever it is, here […]

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Find Me Google mission statement

"Nor do I hold with those who regard it as a presumption if a man of low and humble condition dare to discuss and settle the concerns of princes; because, just as those who draw landscapes place themselves below in the plain to contemplate the nature of the mountains and of lofty places, and in order to contemplate the plains place themselves upon high mountains, even so to understand the nature of the people it needs to be a prince, and to understand that of princes it needs to be of the people. Take then, your Magnificence, this little gift in the spirit in which I send it; wherein, if it be diligently read and considered by you, you will learn my extreme desire that you should attain that greatness which fortune and your other attributes promise."

Nicolo Machiavelli - The Prince



Reason doesn't mean lack of passion,
and passion doesn't mean lack of reason.