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Bumper stickers: I thought, therefore I was

There is this idea that a bumper sticker will inspire the right person, and this right person will inspire the world to change. Sometimes this right person is already on the far right and will cheer at whatever crude message there is about the president, guns, God and taxes.  Other times, the right person is […]

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It is better for traditional media to remain silent and be thought as fools than to open their mouth and remove all doubt.

When did the traditional media turn into a junk content pusher? It used to be a moral compass, it used to empower its journalists. It used to be the outstanding citizen looking over the street and urge action when something detrimental to the community was going on. Nowadays, traditional media are nothing more drug pushers, […]

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2012 elections – technology failure, yet touchable progress

A while ago I posted a dream about how technology could help us grow to Democracy 2.0 in our 2012 elections (Will 2012 be the year we YouTube our way to Democracy 2.0?). It was utopic, of course, but one needs to put best wishes forward if one desires true progress.  We have to keep […]

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(Is this) The right time and reason to pull the cord on your investment fund?

The time is now and the reason is trust, or more precisely the lack of trust. So you have a 401k and both you and your company contribute a pre-tax amount into it. Everything is streamlined so it flows in easily. But do you really know where this gets invested, other than some risk label? […]

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Swords into plowshares

Silicon Valley sits on more than $100Bn in cash reserves hoarding it for a rainy day.  Well, the Newtown shooting makes it evident that today is that day, both rainy and dark.   When you lift your eyes from your monitors, you will see that the world is changing for the worse, and as an […]

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Evangelical Radio Mockering Needs To Take A Break

I have a serious issue with certain so-called Christian radio show hosts. Those who get politically involved, talk as if they heard God’s direct opinion on trivial topics, and tell people it’s OK to hate. Actually, they often imply it’s people’s moral duty to hate. In their opinion, when people love Jesus they must hate […]

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Live by the sword: Why leaders cultivate messed up education systems

…and why things will eventually work out in spite of them. When I mean leaders, I mean the visible, media-hogging, attention-craving political, business and religious leaders alike. The ones so loud and heavily promoted that we hear them all the time, whether we want or not. They talk about how messed up the education system […]

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Some (not so) subtle differences between intolerance and conviction

Intolerance is plain awful and nobody allows himself to be associated with it, however worthy he is of that. He dodges it (“I don’t have time for this now“), he fakes the opposite (“I don’t really care one way or the other, but…“), he minimizes it (“I have bigger fish to fry“), or simply is […]

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The Internet desperately needs cheap, unpopular websites

These are the sites that almost nobody reads until some topic becomes organically relevant. Then there is a spike, people consume the information / opinion, then move on. The blogger serves the greater good of adding something useful to the information flow, and that is good enough for her/him. The readers will sift and judge […]

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How big businesses fall

Big businesses fall just like big buildings: under their own weight. They get top-heavy, often have a weak middle, and lack strength and stability at the bottom. But here’s a short list of the symptoms that give away a large company above to fall during the next storm (or even before): It’s top heavy. Too […]

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