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Bumper stickers: I thought, therefore I was

There is this idea that a bumper sticker will inspire the right person, and this right person will inspire the world to change. Sometimes this right person is already on the far right and will cheer at whatever crude message there is about the president, guns, God and taxes.  Other times, the right person is […]

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It is better for traditional media to remain silent and be thought as fools than to open their mouth and remove all doubt.

When did the traditional media turn into a junk content pusher? It used to be a moral compass, it used to empower its journalists. It used to be the outstanding citizen looking over the street and urge action when something detrimental to the community was going on. Nowadays, traditional media are nothing more drug pushers, […]

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Some (not so) subtle differences between intolerance and conviction

Intolerance is plain awful and nobody allows himself to be associated with it, however worthy he is of that. He dodges it (“I don’t have time for this now“), he fakes the opposite (“I don’t really care one way or the other, but…“), he minimizes it (“I have bigger fish to fry“), or simply is […]

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The Internet desperately needs cheap, unpopular websites

These are the sites that almost nobody reads until some topic becomes organically relevant. Then there is a spike, people consume the information / opinion, then move on. The blogger serves the greater good of adding something useful to the information flow, and that is good enough for her/him. The readers will sift and judge […]

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How big businesses fall

Big businesses fall just like big buildings: under their own weight. They get top-heavy, often have a weak middle, and lack strength and stability at the bottom. But here’s a short list of the symptoms that give away a large company above to fall during the next storm (or even before): It’s top heavy. Too […]

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The Microsoft lesson: Google should thank Facebook and Amazon from the bottom of their hearts

Last week, Microsoft posted its first quarterly loss as a public company ($492 million, or 6 cents per share), something that even a few years ago would have seemed impossible. For those who were paying attention at the time, however, the writing has been on the wall for too long and Microsoft ignored it arrogantly […]

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A technology missing link makes health providers & insurers very profitable (and nudges me into #occupy mode)

OK, the insurance industry is everyone’s favorite to pick on, because you can pretty much say anything obnoxious about it and be correct. Although my experiences of late have determined that my $1000+/month premium purchases only slightly more than an illusion of coverage for my family, that is not my topic, as it is the […]

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How Apple and Google trade their hard-earned lovemarks for the biggest brand status

It is a presumptuous statement, indeed, but unless something changes, the Apple and Google brands will tarnish their lovemark status, and micro-soft their hard-earned brands. That doesn’t necessarily translate into immediate or even long-term financial loss. Microsoft, IBM or Oracle are great examples of how tech companies created profitable business status quo-s, complete with certified […]

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Capitalism is dead, long live the organism!

[A post of hope.  Judge after reading] One has to make a difference between theoretical and applied capitalism. Since communism is cruelly judged by its failed implementation in Eastern Europe and East Asia, we must weigh capitalism on the same scale. Scholars have the habit of beating to death the theoretical capitalism horse every few […]

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When you walk around the mall naked, people watch

If you went to the mall and walked around naked, would you be surprised when people stared at you? Would you be surprised when merchants would pop up in front of you selling everything from boa feathers to sunglasses? Well, that’s what you’re doing online, and in fact, it is what you have been doing […]

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"Nor do I hold with those who regard it as a presumption if a man of low and humble condition dare to discuss and settle the concerns of princes; because, just as those who draw landscapes place themselves below in the plain to contemplate the nature of the mountains and of lofty places, and in order to contemplate the plains place themselves upon high mountains, even so to understand the nature of the people it needs to be a prince, and to understand that of princes it needs to be of the people. Take then, your Magnificence, this little gift in the spirit in which I send it; wherein, if it be diligently read and considered by you, you will learn my extreme desire that you should attain that greatness which fortune and your other attributes promise."

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