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Why was the Great Pyramid of Gizeh built?

For over 4000 years, the Great Pyramid has been one of Earth’s most charismatic and puzzling constructions. Last century’s exponential increase of knowledge only managed to add scientific layers of mystery to the old questions of who, how and why was the pyramid built. The knowledge exhibited by the builders has many present day scholars […]

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2012 elections – technology failure, yet touchable progress

A while ago I posted a dream about how technology could help us grow to Democracy 2.0 in our 2012 elections (Will 2012 be the year we YouTube our way to Democracy 2.0?). It was utopic, of course, but one needs to put best wishes forward if one desires true progress.  We have to keep […]

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Swords into plowshares

Silicon Valley sits on more than $100Bn in cash reserves hoarding it for a rainy day.  Well, the Newtown shooting makes it evident that today is that day, both rainy and dark.   When you lift your eyes from your monitors, you will see that the world is changing for the worse, and as an […]

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Wikipedia – Best “Thank You” email

This is by far the best “thank you” email from an institution I truly admire: Wikipedia.  I view them as The Library of Alexandria’s modern iteration.  May it last this time. Read it, appreciate it and get your own email by submitting the form on this page: —————————————— Dear *****, Thank you for donating to […]

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A non-political approach: how Web & AR technologies can assist health care now

This post is completely non-political. It’s not a top-down solution but rather an understanding that can be implemented no matter what the political orientation is. All it takes is a commitment to save lives by providing the medical professionals with real help in the form of accurate, real-time information. Since this is dealing with the […]

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The Internet desperately needs cheap, unpopular websites

These are the sites that almost nobody reads until some topic becomes organically relevant. Then there is a spike, people consume the information / opinion, then move on. The blogger serves the greater good of adding something useful to the information flow, and that is good enough for her/him. The readers will sift and judge […]

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I can’t be a successful blogger, and you can too

I can’t be a successful blogger in the way success is traditionally defined: make lots of money, be ubiquitous, be liked, be invited to high-visibility events, make lots of money. However, if success means to share what one is passionate about, regardless of profits and social status…. well, then many of you are already there […]

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Silicon Valley failed to save the world.

[Definition from the FindMeGoogle mocktionary] Silicon [ˈsiləˌkän; -kən] Valley [ˈvalē] noun ( pl. -hotstartups) Although a real place in Northern California it refers more to a philosophical claim that the new, the magical and the revolutionary can spring at increasing pace out of skilled people’s minds, and that a great majority of those ideas are […]

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When you walk around the mall naked, people watch

If you went to the mall and walked around naked, would you be surprised when people stared at you? Would you be surprised when merchants would pop up in front of you selling everything from boa feathers to sunglasses? Well, that’s what you’re doing online, and in fact, it is what you have been doing […]

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History, science and religion tell us we’re the new dinosaurs

Little kids like mine are obsessed with dinosaurs. They keep wondering how such large creatures became extinct…

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